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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines and explains how Karstfin S.R.O (“Karstfin S.R.O” “We,” “Us,” “Our,”) uses, collects, discloses and/or protects the information provided by You when utilising the products or services made available on Our Website (“Website.”)

Any and all Personal Information collected by Us is always handled in accordance with local data protection laws and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulator). If and when required, Karstfin S.R.O maintains registrations as a data controller with the relevant regulatory bodies.

It is Your responsibility to take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the contents of this Privacy Policy, as well as other notices that may be provided by us in the future. This Privacy Policy always supplements the contents of any other statements or notices.

What Information Is Collected?

During the use of Our services offered by Our Website, You will be required to submit Personal Information. Personal Information is described as any information that could be used to identify You.

The following list is an overview of such Personal Information that We may collect and process when provided by You:

  • Your name;
  • Email address;
  • Contact details, including phone numbers or addresses;
  • Employers;
  • Corporate contact details;
  • Date of birth;
  • Place of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Country of residence;
  • Personal document numbers and information;
  • Personal photographs as provided on government-issued identification;
  • Financial details such as bank account information needed to carry out service requests.

As You use Our Services and interact with Our Website, additional information may be processed, some of which may be considered personal information. The collection of such information is automated and can include:

  • IP addresses;
  • The browser used to access Our Website;
  • The operating system of the device used to access Our Website.

All of the information collected, handled or processed by Karstfin S.R.O is information that is strictly required in order to fulfil Our service obligations as permitted by law. Any other personal information, including data such as ethnicity, religion, political opinions or other such data is not collected.

How Is The Personal Information Collected Used?

All of the personal information that We collect is processed in accordance with the relevant data protection laws and regulations that govern use of such personal information. Typically, processing of supplied data is justified based on the following condition:

  • You have consented to Our use and processing of the relevant data;
  • The data processing in question is required in order to enter the service agreement with You;
  • The data processing in question is required as a result of regulations; or
  • The data processing in question is in Our commercial interests and subject to Your data rights and interests.

We process the Personal Information that We collect in order to do the following:

  • Provide You with the services requested from Us;
  • Carry out the necessary investigations needed for the onboarding and vetting of new clients;
  • Collect and analyse Website usage metrics.

Your personal information may be processed in either digital or hard copy form, both inside and outside the EU and EEA.

From time to time, We may send You direct marketing communications that We believe may be beneficial to You. These communications will be electronic in nature via email or telephone. While We will have obtained Your consent prior to sending direct marketing communications, You may opt out of receiving such communications by contacting us.


Our Website collects analytics that We may use in order to render services to You, improve Our services, identify and rectify any issues, provide new content based on user interest or monitor Website traffic and usage statistics.

In Your interactions with Our Website, including downloading files, We may, from time to time, leverage technologies in order to identify website visitors and monitor client engagement.

We may utilise Your IP address in order to tailor Our website appearance to Your preferences.

We may utilise Your IP address in order to tailor Our website appearance to Your preferences.


Cookies are files generated while navigating the internet and stored on Your hard drive. These cookies contain data that may include anonymous identifiers.

Our Website may also use cookies. In the event that cookies are used, they will be managed by a control system that enables You to give or deny permissions pertaining to saving or storing cookies. You may also control cookie usage directly from the browser settings in order to have more control over the cookies that are allowed or denied.

Personal Information Disclosure

The disclosure of Your personal information will always be limited to those employees or agents of Karstfin S.R.O who require it for the purposes of rendering Our services, contacting You or in order to fulfil Our regulatory obligations.

In the event that We share Your personal information with any third-parties, such as for the purposes of due diligence, We will remain responsible for the ways that Your information is managed. We strive to ensure that third-party usage of Your personal information is consistent with the way that We handle it.

In certain cases, We will be required to disclose Your information to law enforcement or regulatory bodies. When We receive such requests, We will consider Your interests, although We may not be required to inform You of such requests.

Personal Information Transfers Across Borders

Third-party service providers that handle service requests on Our behalf may be located in many different countries, and as such may be subject to regulations from different jurisdictions around the world. As a result of this, it is possible for Your personal information to be transferred both within and outside of the EU or EEA.

When You provide Us with Your personal information for the purposes of entering into a service agreement, You are consenting to having Your personal information transferred to jurisdictions that may not exercise the same level of care in handling Your data as Your home country.

Retention of Personal Information

Karstfin S.R.O typically keeps Your personal information for the duration required in order to fulfil Our service obligations to You. However, in certain cases We may retain Your information for longer periods of time. These include, but are not limited to, legal or accounting obligations We may be subject to.

Our retention procedures govern all of the data that We collect and retain. When Your information is no longer required to be retained, We will securely dispose of it and, when required by law, notify You of its disposal.

Protection of Personal Information

All of the personal information that We collect is stored and managed securely, even when provided to third-party service providers. All of Our employees are apprised of their responsibilities and obligations as it pertains to Your personal information, and We ensure that only qualified and/or relevant individuals have access to Your information.

The security of Our platform, Website and premises are important to us, and We therefore take all appropriate measures in order to keep Our assets safe. All of Our tools, platforms and security protocols are recognised and used in accordance with industry standards in order to protect Your information across the entirety of Our infrastructure.

Despite the measures that We have implemented, data that is transmitted online can never have its security expressly guaranteed. Due to this, You acknowledge that You are using the Website at Your own risk.

Your Rights

Based on applicable law, you may be entitled to certain rights as it pertains to Your personal information. These rights may include:

  • Obtaining copies of personal information;
  • Receiving clarification and information pertaining to the basis of collecting the personal information in question;
  • Rectifying inaccurate personal information We may hold concerning You, including clarifying incomplete information;
  • Requesting the erasure of personal information (in cases where it is no longer required for the purpose in which it was originally collected);
  • Understanding that Your data processing is in Our commercial interests while remaining subject to Your interests;
  • Objecting to the processing or use of Your personal information, subject to certain conditions and limitations;
  • Withdrawing Your consent to the processing of Your personal information in the circumstances in which Our processing of Your information is based on Your consent;
  • Requesting the transfer of Your personal information to a different data controller or yourself in certain situations.

In addition to all of the points outlined above, You have the right to lodge a formal complaint with applicable authorities.

In order to exercise these rights or receive more information about the exercising these rights, please contact us.

Privacy Policy Changes

Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will always be detailed on this web page in order to keep You informed of the information collected, the nature of its collection, conditions for its use and how information might be disclosed. In order to stay apprised of changes to this privacy policy as they’re made, please regularly visit this page.


This privacy policy governs the use of data collected from Our Website. In the event that links are made available to external sites, please note that We are not responsible for the collection or use of data that results from visits to these external sites. It is Your responsibility to read the privacy policy of each such website prior to using them.


In the event that there is a conflict between the conditions laid out in this privacy policy and the terms of any agreement or contract You have with us, the applicable provision of the contact will prevail. Nothing contained in this privacy policy will apply in the condition that it is incompatible with applicable and relevant data protection laws.

We look forward to helping you make the most of today’s most popular assets.

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